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Pogo, as one of the most popular online gaming service struggles from some rare limitations. Thus, need for technical support cannot be ruled out. Technicians at Techvedic, well versed with the game’s know-how are armed to offer just this support. Pogo technical support offered by experts cover every version of the game. To avail this, you can call at +855-859-0057 and get round the clock assistance without worrying about your geographical location.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thanks Pogo Support! Smile Worth a Lot

Getting Pogo Help can be quick and easy! Am I inflating?

Last night my kid was playing Poppit!Sprint game on, and I was watching his beaming face. The joy was clearly visible in his sparkling eyes. It reminded me the childhood I had. In the virtual mind I was praying oh! God give me a rebirth so that I can enjoy the time once again.

I don’t know how long I was in the virtual world; suddenly my son gave me a break, “Dad! The game is not working,” and he began to sob a bit. I was back from the dream-world. I went close to him to see what actually had happened.

I saw a Windows Update pop-up box. What I could guess was that the pogo game was interrupted due to this Windows update. I thought of not disturbing the process, after a while the system restarted on its own.

After the installation and reboot, the pogo game was not loading. Everything else on the site seems to be working properly. I tried to open the game in Firefox and other browser but there was no breakthrough. I tried emptying my temp net files, cleared the java cache, which usually fixes this type of problem. This made no difference.

Last I decided to go for online Pogo Support. After surfing a bit I got a Pogo helpline number. In fact, it was an independent service provider but was appearing to be quite friendly and reliable. I called up and fortunately a technician pick the phone, greeting in a demeanor way. I told her the problem. She listened properly and assured me to get it fixed. She asked for the remote access of the machine.

I agreed; and she proved her expertise. What she did was nothing less than a miracle. She hardly took 10 minutes to fix Pogo game issue, which I was trying for an hour.

I was astonished with the Pogo help service and it brought the sweet smile back on my kid’s face.

Monday, 8 August 2011

No More Break-Up

Yesterday, she called up, “I’m scared of another breakup, am helpless, ‘are you guys gonna help me anyway?’”

Sandra the girl in her adolescent caught in the addiction of the “Celebrity” and “Kissing” Pogo games, now barely thinks of the break-up, which broke her heart in the last valentine. She has found a new way to deal with the leisure. Dressing up Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, and taking care of the makeover of Jennifer Garner and BeyoncĂ© Knowles has become her new pursuit.

I’m not telling you any story. In fact, you would be thinking that how can I tell you so much of Sandra. She is our regular customer who calls up to fix computer related issues, and mostly related to online pogo games.
Well, let’s discuss some common pogo game problems, and their remedies. Sometimes you don’t get any errors with the game instead the browser go blank white; this problem could be browser specific as well. Upgrading the browser is the best possible manner to avoid the issue.

Server issues and game outages on Pogo game site are also possible owing to the maintenance work in progress, when you need to keep patience.

The most puzzling instance is when you get errors as “Update Java” or “Java not found” despite of updating the language. In fact, this happens when the out-dated version is not completely uninstalled and your browser just reads it. Get rid of older versions from the system to fix Java update problem.

Enable “Automatic Update” to stay worry-free from out-dated Java. Clear your Java cache on regular basis.
Take notice that the installed security software or the Windows Firewall is not making any conflicts with the program. Configure their settings and made them amicable.

However, Pogo Technical support is not very far away. Go online or call them to fix the problem.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pogo Scrabble-Learning with Fun

Preliminary objective behind gaming as you know is to make best use of the spare time, some may get addicted with the gambling aspect too, but Pogo Online Games promises to offer an unprecedented experience where the fun syncs with learning and reasoning on logical ground. And this innovation makes the gaming interesting and flamboyant. Pogo scrabble game is one of such games, and I am used to of it.

I experimented with the Pogo Scrabble Game in the summer vacation, and found it an effective medium to teach my kids, and fortunately they enjoyed it a lot, and didn’t bore while learning the English language for hours. Since then they have improved a lot in terms of word formation or the vocabulary. Thus, it has sorted out one problem, now I don’t have to persuade them to study rather than they wait for me till evening to get the chance to sit in front of the system.

Last evening I suffered a major set-back, when I restarted the system to play the game, I found some error code pertaining to browser compatibility. I did try to do some troubleshooting but to no use. Then my neighbor suggested me to go for online pogo technical support. He assured me of its services and gave me the phone number to contact. I agreed to him and thankfully the pogo game issue was resolved.

Besides, the Tech Support specialist configured the security settings of the machine, updated the Windows, the Javascript, aftermath I can enjoy online game in a safe, secure and smooth way.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Pogo Risk Game-Non-Stop Entertainment

You may assume me as an internet savvy, though not I am. Once, while surfing on the Internet I came across a wonderful game, the pogo risk game which reminded me of the 17th century colonial domination by the western. Being a novice I was excited I read how to play, tips and tricks, and other sections.

Eventually, I clicked on the “Play” option of the pogo risk game, but soon I came to know that my hp laptop is not supporting it and it was showing me java related error. The error followed a ‘recommendation window’ showing to download the latest javascript. I did so. Then I thought how it could be possible to play alone, as it was showing computer 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 suddenly my eyes got struck on "Play against Robots" link, I clicked it and then the game began, I selected the territory color then acquire and deploy my armies.

Then the real thrill starts, which continued from reinforcements, attack to till fortification. I captured some of the Middle East countries and Argentina, Brazil and more, and was happy to collect some cards; I exchanged those for bonus armies. I was so deeply indulged in doing all these that I skipped my dinner and continued till midnight. 

Gradually, I became a fan of pogo risk game, and discovered some other related game as well. Now I can customize the settings of these. I think this is the best game that pogo ever had. Either play it alone or with family, excitement never ends.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Pogo Monopoly-Fulfill Your Dream Ambition

Competition, risks and challenges are part and parcel of life and playing with these requires a lot of courage along with wise decision at right time. Pogo monopoly judges your personal abilities in an interesting and humorous way.

In Pogo monopoly you can become the richest, by buying property across the globe, thus dominate the world; purchase, rent and mortgage property, and fulfill your ambition. Either two or four people can play the game at a time.

To dominate the game you need to collect maximum properties in the same color lying on the board and build houses and hotels on them. You can rent all to make quick and easy money. You came across some unique stages, such as “Go” and “Free parking,” which can fetch you quick bonus points. Simultaneously you need to pay the income tax and luxury tax over your earning. The more you own the lesser will be the chance for the opponent to set its feet, and ultimately he would become bankrupt. You can customize the Pogo monopoly game settings as well to make it further interesting and interactive.

Nevertheless you may face issues with the online Pogo game on account of out-dated javascript, incompatible browser and faulty Internet settings. Security settings of the computer can also be a cause behind. If confident you can diagnose the problem at your end only; otherwise call online computer support provider, which can offer remote technical assistance for Pogo game.

Monday, 16 May 2011

How to Fix Pogo Games Issue on Phone

I was a bit nervous last night when I saw my son clamoring on the couch, while everyone has slept. I went close, silently, to see what has actually happened. He was shocked, when he saw me, might be on the assumption of a bad time, but when I asked politely for the reason, he replied, “Oh, dad sweet tooth Pogo Games Not Working on the laptop.” I laughed, and consoled, oh! Don’t worry I can get it working soon. I persuaded him to take a sleep with a promise that pogo game will be alright by the morning. But, nevertheless, he wanted to be done instantly.

Though, I am a non-technical guy, but understanding the agony of his innocent mind I decided to do something. I restarted the game and the laptop itself, but useless. I surfed on the Internet to get pogo game help, and luckily I got a site, which was quite promising. Thanks, I got a toll-free number, and dialed it to get Pogo Games Help On Phone 

I got a human voice from the other end; apparently the phone was connected at the right place. After a short of formalities the person asked me the pogo game issue which I had. I discussed the problem, and afterwards he ran a diagnostic tool to diagnose the pogo game issue and then came back. “Your java-plugin is not working and I need to update it to fix the issue”, said he. I agreed to him and pleaded for help. He asked for the remote access of the machine, to which I agreed. Thereafter, he updated the java version and did a bit of troubleshooting and in no time, he reverted back saying, “Now its OK and you can go ahead with the machine.”

I was surprised with the technical assistance for pogo, which I got on the phone and that’s too at an absolute odd time. I acclaimed the approach of the guy, he was an absolute ace.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Are You Dying With Pogo Not Working Issue

In the hustle and bustle of life, competitiveness, and solemnity I suddenly came across a great thing, in fact, you may laugh, but its reality that when I come late evening at my home and spend some time with it I feel absolutely chilled out. Have you made any speculation so far? If not, let me tell you its online pogo game.

Being fascinated, yesterday, I registered for the Club Pogo, as I surfed through the site I saw some rather interesting games, I selected one but when I clicked on the “Play” button; there was no action at all. I logged out then logged in, restarted my system but to no use. It was a great dismay and I was repenting on the subscription but there was no “U” turn as the charges were paid. I searched on the google thinking that I would get something helpful to fix Pogo Not Working issue. Though, I’ m a bit skeptic about online tech support but after going through the web-page I found it quite relevant. There was toll-free number, which I called up and the very next moment I was entertained by soft spoken technician. He took some details regarding the pogo not working problem, and assured me to fix it.

He diagnosed the system remotely, uninstalled the previous Java version and installed the updated one on my system. He also configured the browser and the Windows Firewall settings and in no time I was able to resume the pogo game, which was not running. I thanked the guy and asked for the charges, which I paid online. Wow! I was charged with a low price which was almost unbelievable. 

Indeed, it was a great Tech Support and I have shared the toll-free number of the company with many of my friends, who are also quite happy and satisfied like me.